The magic and traditions of the most famous Carnival in the world!


Carnival is a magical period for Venice: the city never sleeps, in fact, it is vibrant at all hours of the day and night, along the Venetian streets and bridges you can find marvellous, colourful masks posing that people can admire and take photos of them; while masquerade balls are held inside the Venetian Palaces in a dreamlike atmosphere. Everything here is a feast for both your eyes and your soul.

For years now, Oltrex has managed the Grand Theatre in St. Mark’s Square, the cornerstone of the Venice Carnival, with its stages and stalls set in order to enjoy the main shows in the best possible way, from those of a more traditional to those of a more innovative nature.

The events that you can take part in include:
The “Volo dell’angelo” (Flight of the Angel): the thrilling flight of a mystery guest of the city of Venice, from the top of the St. Mark’s bell tower to the centre of the square;
The “Festa delle Marie” (Festival of the Twelve Marys): a procession of twelve Venetian girls accompanied by historical groups dressed in traditional costumes;
The “Svolo del Leon” (The Flight of the Lion): the great tribute to the St. Mark’s winged Lion and…
The “Volo dell’Aquila” (The Flight of the Eagle): the re-enactment of Renaissance stage machinery of the Serenissima.

What’s more, every day the Competition for the Most Beautiful Mask, shows and entertainment evenings, with the Djs who help to organize electrifying happy hours.

The Flight of the Angel, the Doge’s Ball, the Feast of the Maria and the Tiepolo Ball, the great masked parades and the astonishing parties in palaces that combine costumed dances and fine food.
The Carnival of Venice attracts every year thousands and thousands of visitors from around the world thanks to an intense programme of street events, private parties, cultural events and fun.