We provide the contact centre service so as to inform participants of and to register them to take part in this important international event.

We provide an on-line booking service for the official Carnival website, just as we offer the traditional “voice”- booking service through our dedicated multilingual call centre.

We manage our on-site ticket office (St. Mark’s Square) by assisting visitors, giving information, and selling tickets in order to enter the event itself.

We offer touring theatre shows to discover the hidden aspects of Venice, for groups of visitors who intend to discover the city “off the beaten track” by guiding them through the mysterious meanders and encouraging them to become actors in a moving mise-en-scène. As the tales are told by the masked actor (dressed as “Codega”, a legendary 18th century figure), the visitors are accompanied through the unusual and hidden areas of Venice, in order to discover curiosities of both yesteryear as well as the everyday life of the Serenissima.

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