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Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti

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District: Dorsoduro

Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti , designed by the Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts to host cultural activities, is an imposing neo-Gothic palace at the foot of the Accademia bridge extended to Campo Santo Stefano.


The garden surrounding it is one of the largest among those visible from the Grand Canal; opens with three separate entrances, one at the foot of the Accademia bridge, one in Campo San Vidal and the third, and main, in Campo Santo Stefano. You can access the garden and the palace also from the private jetty, directly from the Grand Canal. The total area of the building intended for cultural activities is equal to 2850 m² and is divided into usable spaces for conferences, meetings and conferences (900 sq ft), in the exhibition space (450 sq ft), and a large garden (1500 m²). The palace has a plant equipment, in particular, allows a sophisticated air-conditioned building in the exhibition spaces. The fully equipped convention (portego Hall, Hall of the Garden Room and High) can be connected with each other and with the outside world via videoconference. The technological system which is fitted to the building allows the organization of events to which they can take part in up to 75 speakers simultaneously and with simultaneous translation. The hall of portego can also provide, upon request, more prestigious spaces for better realization of the event.