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Palazzo Ca’ Zenobio

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District: Dorsoduro

Near the church of Santa Maria dei Carmini, rises the imposing mole of a Baroque Palace, one of the largest palaces ever built in Venice. Designed by architect Antonio Gaspari, a student and collaborator of Baldassare Longhena, highly regarded for his conservative renovations and interior design.


The palace was erected at the end of the XVII century, in 1690, for the Zenobio family who were wealthy patricians of Greek origin and had settled in Verona. The Zenobios obtained the title of patricians in 1647 from the Venice Senate. The palace has been constructed on the foundations of a pre-existing Gothic building of the fourteenth century belonging to the Morosinis, and later acquired by Zenobios, Pietro and Verità, and transformed into a massive and modern building for that period, demonstrating the escalating status the family had gained on the Venetian political arena.