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30a Venice Marathon 2015

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venicemarathon2015Oltrex is Venicemarathon Official Agent for hotel and special packages.

Venicemarathon is an international marathon globally recognized certified by the IAAF Silver Label, on the Olympic distance of 42.195 kilometers, is the most classic and fascinating discipline of athletics.

Today Venice Marathon is a marathon of recognized quality, as evidenced by the IAAF Silver Label. A race that even after so many years, continues to exercise a fascination and appeal vivo and in athletes (with requests that continue to be more than 8,000 seats available) that the public is always ready to accept and participate in the marathon known as propose.

For all Venicemarathon is something beyond the “Marathon of Venice”: a container of events and initiatives participate with vivid interest not only by runners. San Giuliano Park is the centerpiece of the week pre-marathon on Friday with the unveiling of Exposport and Open Sport and Saturday with three Family Run involving children and young people across the province.

A focus is, as the first edition, dedicated aspect solidarity with Venicemarathon Charity Program which is testimonial Alex Zanardi on October 26th will return to racing on the streets of Venice.



For Venicemarathon we develop packages that include the accommodation, early breakfast, the special transfer at the start and to return to the hotel, the bib number fo the athletes and ancillary services for travel mates.
We provide call center services for reservations and also provides information and assistance to athletes and their companions.

For more information: Tel. +39 041 5242840 – venicemarathon@oltrex.it